Flagstone Paving

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The  Flagstone Paving Range offers paving specifically designed for use on patios, around pools and home aprons. Flagstone pavers are thicker than tiles in order to withstand the elements, but thinner and visually more attractive than traditional paving products.  Flagstones are much denser than standard paving bricks, which allow for effortless cleaning and prevention of unwanted liquid penetration that could permanently stain your outdoor floor.

A crucial aspect of outdoor flooring will always be its slip resistance. Bosun flagstones pass the British standard for slip resistance and the peace of mind that goes with that.

Our flagstones create a visually-appealing outdoor living space, with their modern finish; boasting colours, and textures derived from real stone. They are designed with straight edges, to lessen the prominence of jointing gaps.

Flagstones are available in two unique finishes – a smooth “ground” (polished / honed concrete) finish as well as a textured shot blasted finish.